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Wisdom Tooth Surgery: How to Prepare for the Procedure and Aftercare Tips

Wisdom Tooth Surgery: How to Prepare for the Procedure and Aftercare Tips

November 1, 2021

Wisdom teeth usually come in once you are grown. Although they are called “wisdom” teeth, they have nothing to do with someone’s intellect! These third molars are pretty tricky, especially before they erupt. For some people, the teeth come in without any issues, while others might experience excruciating pain.

Regardless, no one envisions that the last teeth to erupt would be the first teeth to go. This is because there are scenarios when wisdom tooth extraction near you may be inevitable, especially if your oral health is at stake.

Before we learn more about what you need to do before and after wisdom teeth removal, let’s see why your wisdom teeth need to be removed.

When Is Wisdom Teeth Extraction Recommended?

It may seem typical for people to have their wisdom teeth pulled, but it is not always necessary. If they have fully erupted, are correctly positioned, and can be cleaned properly, then it’s pointless to remove them.

However, our dentist in Palmetto, GA, may recommend wisdom tooth extraction near you under the following circumstances:

  • The teeth have not erupted or are partially erupted
  • There is no space in the jaw for the wisdom teeth to grow
  • If they have erupted at an angle
  • Gum disease
  • The presence of cavities

How to Prepare for the Surgery

During your initial visit, our dentist in Palmetto, GA, will begin by checking your teeth. You are at liberty to ask any queries you have before wisdom teeth removal. There are no foolish questions, so while preparing for wisdom teeth removal, write down any questions or concerns about the procedure before the visit. This is your opportunity to know everything about the surgery.

Also, if you have any medical condition, let our dentist know to ensure that the procedure is complication-free. Remember to bring a list of drugs that you regularly use, even if they are herbal supplements.

You will also have to choose the type of anesthesia that you prefer. Would you want to be awake during the procedure, or do you want to be asleep during the surgery? In any case, we have different types of sedation that will cater to your needs.

Besides the above, here are some things you can do when preparing for wisdom teeth removal:

  • Don’t eat approximately 12 hours before the procedure since anesthesia may cause you to regurgitate.
  • Don’t smoke 12 hours before the procedure.
  • Stock up on the right food since your diet will change for a week or so.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Ensure that you organize transport back home since you might not be able to drive yourself home.

What Happens During Wisdom Tooth Surgery?

Wisdom tooth removal takes approximately 45 minutes. Our dentist can use any of the three types of anesthesia: local anesthesia, general anesthesia, and IV sedation.

Our dentist has to cut the gums and bones to access the tooth. Then, the tooth will be removed, and your wounds stitched to accelerate the healing process.

What Are the Dos and Don’ts Immediately After the Procedure?

The real work begins after the procedure since the socket has to heal appropriately to avoid complications. If you don’t heed our dentist’s instructions, you risk getting an infection. Therefore, you need to do the following:


  • Remove the gauze 45 minutes after the procedure
  • Use a cold compress to reduce the swelling and alleviate the pain
  • Drink plenty of fluids, but ensure that they are not hot
  • Get plenty of rest and avoid strenuous activities
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene


  • Don’t smoke or drink alcohol for a couple of days
  • Avoid using straws when you are taking fluids since the suction can dislodge the clot
  • Don’t touch the wound
  • Avoid spitting or rinsing your mouth vigorously because these movements might dislodge the clot

You need to eat balanced meals for you to recover quickly. Eat foods rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals at least five days after the surgery. You should indulge in cold soft foods and drinks the first couple of days after surgery since eating solid foods could disrupt the clotting process because food particles can lodge in the socket.

The Takeaway

When our dentist recommends that you undergo the procedure, it is because there is no other option. However, knowing what to do before and after wisdom teeth removal can make the recovery process much easier.

Contact our dentist in Palmetto Family Dental if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment.