The Five Common Dental Procedures of General Dentistry Explained

General dentists throughout the country perform various dental procedures on patients of all ages. You might think general dentists do not specialize in any specific dentistry field because they begin practicing immediately after four years in dental school.

General dentists like the dentist near me are professionals you visit most often with or without your family for routine procedures like exams and cleanings and seeking emergency treatment whenever you confront a dental issue. However, are you aware most general dentists can complete other procedures that you might think need help from specialists?

General dentists might surprise you with their knowledge because they continue educating themselves by attending educational programs and seminars, collecting more information on various procedures, and offering them to their patients.

This article looks at the five most common dental procedures performed by general dentists to help you understand that these professionals do not merely provide exams and cleanings but also perform other treatments you might need.

The five most common procedures performed by general dentists are:

1. Dental Fillings

The dentist in McDonough receives many patients, including children with tooth decay and cavities, because people don’t maintain proper oral hygiene and favor foods and beverages harmful to their teeth. Dental fillings, besides helping restore permanently damaged teeth, also help repair teeth that are chipped or broken.

When patients complain about a toothache, the dentist examines their teeth for cavities and cracks. X-rays help dentists examine the teeth and when holes or cracks are detected, fix the tooth by filling them. The filling procedure isn’t scary because the dentist numbs the affected tooth with local anesthesia, drills out the decay, and fills the tooth with material selected by the patient. Unfortunately, dental cavities are common among Americans and children, making dental fillings the most performed dental procedure throughout the country.

2. Dental Crowns

Dental crowns help restore teeth damaged due to disease and trauma. Dental crowns are suitable restorations for damaged teeth that might otherwise need extraction. Crowns are also used to cover cosmetic flaws with the teeth that might affect your smile. The repairs encase your tooth entirely, enhancing the tooth’s strength, size, appearance, and shape. However, if you need dental crowns, you must set time aside for at least two visits to the McDonough dentist because the restorations are created explicitly for your mouth after your tooth is prepared for the repair.

3. Tooth Extractions

Adult tooth extractions are relatively standard because of tooth decay, gum disease, and injuries. However, dentists also recommend extractions for impacted wisdom teeth, your third molars that often remain under the gum line to cause various problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Affected visible teeth are extracted in simple extractions, and impacted teeth require surgical removal from oral surgeons.

4. Dental Implants

General dentists also provide solutions for missing teeth for people who may have lost them due to accidents, gum disease, or other problems. Dental implants are currently the most popular tooth replacement solution functioning as a permanent replacement for lost tooth or teeth. Dental implants require minor surgery for placement deep into the jawbone and recovery from the procedure before having your artificial tooth over the implant. The process for getting dental implants is lengthy and expensive. However, the replacement remains with you for a lifetime, feeling and functioning like your natural tooth.

5. Orthodontic Braces

Many adults have crooked and misaligned teeth because of orthodontic problems they hadn’t corrected during childhood. Thankfully orthodontic braces help correct these dental imperfections in patients of all ages. Adults reluctant to have traditional orthodontic braces with metal brackets and wires can discuss clear aligners with their dentist to straighten their teeth. Adults help themselves by understanding anyone until 90 years can receive orthodontic treatments to straighten their teeth using different orthodontic appliances.

Besides the five most common treatments mentioned above, general dentists are also the professionals you visit most frequently for dental exams and cleanings when you also receive deep teeth cleaning near me to eliminate plaque and tartar deposits over your teeth to ensure you don’t fall prey to gum disease.

General dentists are your go-to dental health care providers catering to the needs of all patients regardless of their age. The five dental procedures mentioned above are sought after by most people who find it challenging to schedule appointments with dental specialists to treat other problems but not minor issues. Therefore if you have a routine dental issue that might require the treatments described in this article, you find it better to visit Palmetto Family Dental — McDonough searching for a solution instead of running around town looking for specialists.

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