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If you have teeth that are damaged, decayed, or missing, dental restorations can help you rediscover a beautiful and fully functional smile. Jordan Brunson, DDS, Kirsten Jordan, DMD, and the team of experts at Palmetto Family Dental provide patients with high-quality dental restorations that improve their oral health and enhance the appearance of their smile. To get started, schedule a visit by phone or online to one of Palmetto Family Dental’s state-of-the-art clinics in Palmetto, Zebulon, and McDonough, Georgia.

Dental Restorations Q & A

What are dental restorations?

Restorations are dental prosthetics that are designed to restore the cosmetic and functional qualities of a tooth that’s damaged, decayed, or unsightly. A restoration can either restore part of a tooth (like a dental filling) or replace a tooth that’s missing entirely with bridges and dentures.

How can dental restorations improve my smile?

Dental restorations can treat a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Decayed teeth
  • Cracked, chipped, or broken teeth
  • Teeth that are missing entirely

Dental restorations help to make sure that your entire smile is fully functional, giving you more optimized oral health and a better-looking appearance.

What types of dental restorations do you offer?

Palmetto Family Dental provides its patients with a variety of high-quality dental restorations.


A filling is a dental restoration that treats a cavity caused by tooth decay. Your provider uses a drill to remove all of the decayed material from your tooth, then uses a special material to fill up the resulting hole. Getting a filling helps to protect your tooth from further decay and restores its original functionality.


Dental bonding is a treatment that can fix defects in your teeth like cracks and chips. It can also fill in small gaps between teeth or correct a tooth that’s misshapen. Your provider applies a special bonding material to your tooth, then uses a curing light to harden it. Finally, they shape the material so that it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.


A crown is a dental restoration that replaces all of a tooth above the gumline. Your crown is made from an impression of your mouth, so it fits in seamlessly with the rest of your smile. Crowns can serve a variety of purposes, like protecting a damaged tooth from further harm or restoring a tooth that has severe decay.


A bridge is a dental restoration that replaces a tooth that’s missing entirely. It’s made up of a fake tooth called a pontic that’s held in place by crowns. The crowns are bonded to the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth (abutment teeth), effectively creating a bridge between the teeth. 


Like a bridge, dentures are also a dental restoration that replace missing teeth, but dentures replace entire dental arches. They’re made up of a gum-colored base that secures to your gums with suction or adhesive and holds a set of artificial teeth. 

Palmetto Family Dental also offers partial dentures, which replace multiple missing teeth when you still have healthy natural teeth that you want to keep in your smile.

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