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General Dentistry

General Dentistry in McDonough, Palmetto & Zebulon, GA

Our caring practice at Palmetto Family Dental works to ensure that every member of your family receives the dental care they deserve. Our experienced team of dentists near you provides a range of comprehensive preventive, restorative, corrective, and cosmetic dental treatments for your needs.

General Dentistry Services

We provide an extensive array of general dentistry treatments in Palmetto, Zebulon, and McDonough, GA:

Root Canal Therapy

When untreated decay penetrates the pulp chamber, it results in inflammation of the nerves and blood vessels. Our skilled dentists use effective sedation dentistry to numb the site and relax the patient. We will then clean, disinfect and seal the root canal to prevent further infection. We also provide pulpotomy treatment for children with painful cavities.

Treatment for Teeth Grinding

Bruxism is a common complaint, especially among children. Constant teeth grinding leads to premature wear and tear of tooth enamel. We provide custom-fitted mouthguards that prevent the upper and lower arches from touching. Untreated bruxism may also result in headaches and jaw pain.


Our highly trained dentists perform safe, pain-free extractions associated with minimal discomfort. The procedure may vary, depending on the location and nature of the tooth roots. We will prescribe suitable medication to control post-extraction soreness. A timely extraction can provide instant pain relief and is a much better option than trying to live with a recurring toothache.

Gum Disease Treatment

The frequency and nature of treatment will depend on the degree of severity of the infection. Solutions could include scaling and root planing, oral or topical antibiotics, or gum surgery.

Emergency Dentistry

Regular oral care and exams and cleanings at Palmetto Family Dental can go a long way in preventing dental emergencies. However, injury or trauma, slips, blows, and falls can lead to excruciating pain or bleeding. In this case, please call our responsive team of dentists for immediate assistance.

Children’s Dentistry

Our cheerful dentists in Palmetto, Zebulon, and McDonough, GA, offer several children’s dental care treatments, including Invisalign® clear retainers, braces, sports mouthguards, fluoride, and sealant treatment. Our conveniently located dental office is well-equipped with the most advanced dental technology, and our trained staff is dedicated to creating supportive patient experiences.